Professional Treatment for Warts

Dermatologists are professionals who can take care of skin issues like warts. Dr. Jeffrey Heller can diagnose and treat warts. Our team is ready to help you if you have warts at Heller Dermatology Center in Daytona Beach, FL.

Sometimes, a biopsy is needed to assess a wart further. In doing so, the doctor removes a small part of the wart to investigate it in the lab, which is a quick and safe technique most dermatologists perform. Don't ignore warts because in rare cases, they may be skin cancers.

What are the treatment options for warts?

While warts can disappear without any remedy, it would be best to see your doctor if you notice a wart has not gone away on its own, or if it begins to hurt. It is important to understand what kind of wart it is so the doctor can treat it, especially if it is a form of skin cancer.

These are treatments your doctor may suggest and perform:

  • Cantharidin- The dermatologist may treat the wart via a technique known as 'painting' with cantharidin, which causes blistering beneath the wart. It would essentially be scraped off after a week or so at our clinics in Daytona Beach, and Port Orange, FL.
  • Cryotherapy- Freezing is another popular treatment method since it is not painful but may cause darkened spots on individuals with darker skin, and it does require a few treatments.
  • Electrosurgery- Burning is another treatment for warts in addition to cutting it off, whereby the dermatologist would remove the wart sometimes with the help of burning it off first.
  • Excision- The doctor removes the wart by cutting it out entirely.
  • Laser treatment- This is the procedure done for warts that do not respond to the aforementioned techniques. It would be best for skin that is not too sensitive and does not have acne or rashes. 

If you see a wart on your skin, you should get it tested at Heller Dermatology Center in Daytona Beach, FL. Dr. Heller would be happy to assist you. Book your next consultation by calling (386) 239-8700.

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