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By Heller Dermatology Center
October 05, 2017
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Would you like to decrease your rosacea flare-ups? Our Daytona Beach and Port Orange, FL, dermatologist, Dr. Jeffrey Heller, discusses rosacearosacea triggers and explains treatment options.

Why do flare-ups occur?

Rosacea flare-ups can for a variety of reasons, including the weather in Daytona Beach and Port Orange. Exposure to the sun, wind, humidity and both and hot and cold temperatures can trigger redness, pimples, eye irritation and the formation of small blood vessels. Anything that generates heat, such as hot baths or the warmth generated by heating systems, can trigger flare-ups. You may also be more likely to experience symptoms if you feel stressed, use irritating skin products, consume alcohol, participate in strenuous exercise, eat spicy foods or drink hot beverages.

What can I do to minimize rosacea flare-ups?

Mild, non-irritating facial cleansers are a must if you have rosacea. After you wash your face, rinse it in lukewarm (not hot) water. Some hair care products may worsen your condition. Avoid products that contain camphor, menthol or sodium lauryl sulfate.

Sun exposure is one of the most common triggers of rosacea symptoms. Protect your skin from the sun by applying sunscreen labeled SPF30 or higher every morning before you leave your house.

Although wearing sunscreen is certainly helpful, it won't completely eliminate flare-ups. If you must spend time outdoors on a sunny day, try to find shady spots and wear a hat with a wide brim. Avoiding the sun during the mid-day hours when it's particularly strong can also help.

Identifying your triggers can help you devise strategies that will help you avoid flare-ups. If stress is a factor, try meditation, or reduce your stress through exercise or a favorite activity. When spicy foods or alcohol are the culprits, limiting alcohol and choosing milder varieties of your favorite foods may be helpful.

What kind of treatment options can my dermatologist offer?

Prescription creams and gels and antibiotics can be helpful in reducing pimples and the inflammation that causes redness. Oral antibiotics may also be used to treat eye irritation. If you have noticeable blood vessels, thick or bumpy skin or chronic redness, laser treatment can be a very effective option.

Clearer skin is possible, thanks to several effective rosacea treatments. Call our Daytona Beach and Port Orange, FL, dermatologist, Dr. Heller, at (386) 239-8700 to schedule an appointment to discuss your skin condition.

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