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By Heller Dermatology Center
July 23, 2019
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Once you've found out you have psoriasis, finding the right treatment is likely at the top of your priority list. If you're in the Daytona Beach,psoriasis FL, area, treating your psoriasis starts with talking to Dr. Jeffrey Heller, your dermatologist at Heller Dermatology Center. Dr. Heller can discuss the basics of psoriasis and how it's treated.

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is the result of an autoimmune response, meaning that body's immune system is malfunctioning and causing inflammation. In this case, the inflammation caused the body produce more skin cells than necessary, resulting in the characteristic thick, scaly patches often found on the elbows, knees, scalp, and other areas of the body. These patches are called plaques and may be very itchy, although they are not contagious.

How is psoriasis treated?

Managing your psoriasis often requires a multi-faceted approach; most people have the best results when using a combination of treatments. This may include topical medications, which are creams or gels applied directly to the skin, or oral medications to attack the inflammation from the inside out. Injections may be necessary for people who have severe psoriasis.

Some patients respond well to light therapy; that is, exposure to a specific type of ultraviolet light as prescribed by your Daytona Beach dermatologist. Visiting indoor tanning beds is not a substitute for psoriatic light therapy, as these devices emit UVA light, which is largely ineffective on psoriasis plaques. Laser treatment is another type of light therapy that targets the problematic skin cells while leaving healthy skin untouched. Research has found that laser light therapy, in combination with topical steroids, is very helpful at clearing up scalp psoriasis.

Staying current with your Daytona Beach, FL, dermatologist will help determine which psoriasis therapies work best for your unique situation. Contact Heller Dermatology Center to set up an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Heller today. For your convenience, we also have an office location in Port Orange.

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