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By Heller Dermatology Center
May 04, 2022
Category: Dermatology
Tags: rash  

Meet just a couple of the most common rash-causing contenders.

While a rash isn’t often a cause for concern, this issue can be rather annoying and unsightly. Of course, there are also times when you’ll want to turn to our Daytona Beach, FL, dermatologist Dr. Jeffrey Heller at Heller Dermatology Center for proper care.

Here are just some of the common causes of rashes and how they are treated:

Atopic Dermatitis

Sometimes more commonly called eczema, this condition causes a red, itchy and occasionally scaly rash to appear. While this rash can show up anywhere on the body, it often appears on the face, elbows and knees. This condition is chronic, and symptoms will often come and go. Flare-ups may be triggered by stress, temperature changes, chemicals and other environmental irritants.

How to treat atopic dermatitis: A lot will depend on the severity of your symptoms. If symptoms are mild, moisturizers or even certain antihistamines may be enough to reduce itching and other uncomfortable symptoms when dermatitis flares up. Of course, if your rash is more severe, our Daytona Beach, FL, dermatologist may need to prescribe stronger medications or other treatment options.


If you find yourself dealing with thick, raised red or white scaly patches on your skin (most often on the scalp, elbows, or knees), you could be dealing with a chronic skin condition known as psoriasis. This is a common dermatological disorder that, like atopic dermatitis, causes flare-ups to wax and wane.

How to treat psoriasis: While there is no cure, we can find ways to help you manage your symptoms through corticosteroids, other topical or oral medications and additional therapeutic options such as light therapy.


Are you dealing with itchy red bumps that appeared suddenly? If so, you could be dealing with a harmless allergic reaction known as hives. Hives manifest when the body reacts to a specific allergen, triggering a histamine reaction.

How to treat hives: Hives are completely harmless, and in most cases, the condition is acute (meaning that it will go away on its own in less than six weeks). Of course, you’ll want to turn to antihistamines (whether over-the-counter or prescription, depending on the severity of your symptoms) to reduce itching and other annoying symptoms.

These are only some of the common causes of a rash, so if you’re unsure what’s causing it, it’s probably a good idea to turn to our Daytona, FL, skin doctor Dr. Heller. Call Heller Dermatology Center at (386) 239-8700 to book an appointment.

By Heller Dermatology Center
December 01, 2016
Category: Dermatology
Tags: rash  

Try these easy at-home remedies for handling your rash and find out when a rash may need proper medical attention.

Most of the time a rash isn’t a cause for concern. Sure, it can be unattractive or a nuisance but rarely is it serious; however, if you are rashdealing with a rash that is tender, itchy or red, then our Port Orange and Daytona Beach, FL dermatologist, Dr. Jeffrey Heller, has some helpful tips for how to handle your symptoms.

It’s important to leave the rash alone whenever possible. This means that you shouldn’t pick or scratch at it, as it will only make the issue worse. While you may believe you are keeping the rash protected by wrapping or bandaging it, you want to actually keep it exposed to air as much as you can.

If the rash is itchy you can apply cool, wet towels to the rash a couple of times a day to ease these symptoms. Avoid the sun, strenuous physical activity or other situations that could cause you to overheat, as this can make symptoms worse. Consider an oatmeal bath, which can be soothing to itchy skin. Replace wool and itchy synthetic fabrics for light breathable ones that won’t exacerbate your rash, like cotton.

You can try over-the-counter lotions like calamine to help with rashes that are caused by poison ivy or oak. You can even try hydrocortisone cream for rashes caused by dermatitis. Sometimes taking an oral medication like Benadryl can work wonders for an itchy, uncomfortable rash.

So, when does a rash warrant a visit to your Port Orange and Daytona Beach skin doctor?

  • If the rash is painful
  • If the rash persists and doesn’t get any better in a few days
  • If you notice other symptoms like fever, body aches, headaches, sore throat or joint pain
  • If the rash has pus
  • If skin is also red, swollen or there is severe peeling
  • If there are blisters within the rash
  • If the rash keeps getting worse
  • If the rash affects your daily activities
  • If at-home methods just aren’t working

If you are dealing with any rash-related issues don’t hesitate to turn to the experts at Heller Dermatology Center in Port Orange and Daytona Beach, FL for an effective treatment. Not all rashes can be treated from the comfort of your own home, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you ever have any skin concerns.

By Heller Dermatology Center
March 28, 2016
Category: Dermatology
Tags: rash  

How a dermatologist can help you with a rash

Chances are you’ve suffered from a rash at some point in time. You know all about the itchy redness and how uncomfortable a rash rashmakes you feel. Dr. Jeffrey Heller of Heller Dermatology Center in Daytona Beach, Florida wants you to know all about the causes and treatment of rashes.

You can get a rash from too much heat, allergies, medications, infections, poison ivy and a variety of other causes. According to the Mayo Clinic, some common types of skin rashes are:

Atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, which appears as itchy patches on your trunk, limbs, neck or face

Contact dermatitis, which appears as a dry, non-itchy rash, caused by exposure to chemicals

A drug rash, which is caused by an allergic reaction to medications such as antibiotics, anti-seizure medications and diuretics; it appears as red spots that spread to cover large areas of your body, usually within the first week of taking medication

Most skin rashes resolve on their own, with the help of over-the-counter anti-itch creams or lotions and oral antihistamines. Soothing baths containing oatmeal can also help.

If your rash doesn’t go away, gets worse, or doesn’t respond to over-the-counter treatments, Dr. Heller can prescribe oral antihistamines and oral steroids to combat the itching. He may also prescribe stronger topical cortisone creams and antibiotics if you develop an infection from your rash.

Dr. Heller wants you to seek emergency medical attention if you have:

  • A rash that covers most of your body or your face
  • Severe blistering
  • Difficulty breathing and swallowing
  • Swelling, especially if your eyes are swollen shut
  • Uncontrollable itching

If you have an itchy, annoying rash, don’t despair! Help is just a phone call away. Call Dr. Jeffrey Heller of Heller Dermatology Center with two offices in Daytona Beach and Port Orange, Florida to serve your needs. Don’t ignore your rash; it could be a sign of something more serious. Call today and get some relief!

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