What Could Be Causing My Rash?

How a dermatologist can help you with a rash

Chances are you’ve suffered from a rash at some point in time. You know all about the itchy redness and how uncomfortable a rash rashmakes you feel. Dr. Jeffrey Heller of Heller Dermatology Center in Daytona Beach, Florida wants you to know all about the causes and treatment of rashes.

You can get a rash from too much heat, allergies, medications, infections, poison ivy and a variety of other causes. According to the Mayo Clinic, some common types of skin rashes are:

Atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, which appears as itchy patches on your trunk, limbs, neck or face

Contact dermatitis, which appears as a dry, non-itchy rash, caused by exposure to chemicals

A drug rash, which is caused by an allergic reaction to medications such as antibiotics, anti-seizure medications and diuretics; it appears as red spots that spread to cover large areas of your body, usually within the first week of taking medication

Most skin rashes resolve on their own, with the help of over-the-counter anti-itch creams or lotions and oral antihistamines. Soothing baths containing oatmeal can also help.

If your rash doesn’t go away, gets worse, or doesn’t respond to over-the-counter treatments, Dr. Heller can prescribe oral antihistamines and oral steroids to combat the itching. He may also prescribe stronger topical cortisone creams and antibiotics if you develop an infection from your rash.

Dr. Heller wants you to seek emergency medical attention if you have:

  • A rash that covers most of your body or your face
  • Severe blistering
  • Difficulty breathing and swallowing
  • Swelling, especially if your eyes are swollen shut
  • Uncontrollable itching

If you have an itchy, annoying rash, don’t despair! Help is just a phone call away. Call Dr. Jeffrey Heller of Heller Dermatology Center with two offices in Daytona Beach and Port Orange, Florida to serve your needs. Don’t ignore your rash; it could be a sign of something more serious. Call today and get some relief!

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