Mole Checkup/Removal

Mole in Daytona Beach, FL

Mole in Daytona Beach, FL

Our dermatology team at Heller Dermatology Center is focused on skin disease and growths. We perform regular skin exams, biopsies, and removal of precancer and cancerous growth. We also perform a variety of other cosmetic procedures.

Are All Moles Bad?

When it comes to moles, these brown or black growths can appear anywhere on the body. They happen when cells responsible for skin pigmentations (melanocytes), grow in clusters instead of spreading out on the skin. While they are common, it is important to regularly scan your skin (once a month at least) to look for any changes to existing moles. Some moles will darken or lighten. These are expected, and not usually a sign of skin cancer.

However other changes may be a sign of melanoma and if caught in an early stage, is highly treatable. If a mole is itching, growing, bleeding or changing a lot, immediately take the time to make an appointment with one of our professional dermatologists.

When Should I Have My Mole Checked?

Here are some signs that you should visit a dermatologist from Heller Dermatology Center as soon as possible:

  • The mole has a jagged border, is several different colors or is dome-shaped.
  • The mole is bleeding or irritated in any way.
  • If you have many moles
  • If the mole is larger than the eraser of a pencil. Having a giant mole increases your risk of developing melanoma or other health issues.

These rules apply to babies and children too. While these are not all of the incidences when you should see a dermatologist, this is a small checklist to follow when considering whether or not you need to seek medical help from a dermatologist. Have your children checked regularly because skin cancer can occur at any time with any amount of sun exposure.

Does My Mole Need Removal?

There are many reasons why your dermatologist might recommend removing a mole. Whether it’s causing you issues by being in a sensitive place or it’s infected and possibly cancerous, there are all types of reasons that may lead to a mole being removed. It’s important to talk to your dermatologist and keep an eye on your moles so that you know when it may be time for a mole to be removed.

Mole Removal

The most common reason for a mole being removed is because it may be cancerous. You should keep an eye on all of your moles at home and check for any changes. You should contact your dermatologist if you notice a mole that is asymmetrical, has irregular borders, isn’t uniform in color, has a diameter larger than the eraser on a pencil, or that changes size, shape, or color. Your dermatologist will be able to examine your moles and determine whether or not it needs to be removed.

Mole removal is usually fairly simple and can be done in a number of different ways. Mole removal may be done through:

  • Freezing- This uses liquid nitrogen to remove a mole.
  • Burning- Your dermatologist will use an electric current to burn off the upper layers of a noncancerous mole.
  • Shaving- This is done using a surgical blade. The skin’s surface is shaved off of the mole.
  • Excision- This process goes deeper than the others to remove the entire mole. The skin is then stitched back together. This is typically done for cancerous moles.

Mole removal can also be done for moles that are constantly irritated by rubbing or clothes, or for moles that are unsightly and distracting.

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